Oasis by the Sea

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood Beach, you know the boardwalk has a ton of restaurants with quite a variety of cuisines.

Last weekend, my husband Ruben and I took the road south to visit some family and enjoy the beach. For dinner, we walked the boardwalk and as we approached Oasis by the Sea I immediately craved a gyro. And like that, the decision was made of where we would eat!



We chose to sit outdoors to enjoy the view (of course!) and it at least kept me occupied while we waited for our food. For five people at the table, I actually thought their service was pretty fast.

As I mentioned, I ordered a gyro, which was really good. Gobbled it all up and would definitely order it again.


Ruben ordered a gyro burger, which to be honest, looked just as good and easier to handle (hold and eat).


Someone else at our table ordered the chicken gyro and that, too, looked delish. The chicken even looked moist.


The food was all great. On the other hand, I had some issues with the service. For one, the waitresses aren’t too attentive. We had one bring the food and three seconds later another asked how everything was. In the most polite way possible, I answered that I didn’t know yet. You see the waitresses aren’t assigned to specific tables. One took our drink order, another brought them, then we ordered with our first gal and a third lady closed out the deal. It bothered me that we dealt with three different servers for the meal.

So to closeout my review I can say that the food was good, the service just OK, and the scenery entertaining.

Would I go again? Sure, but maybe just takeout.

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