Happy New Year!

Before I go on, I want to thank my readers. Those of you who randomly arrive here via your Google search for Puerto Rican Pork chops or my
Urbanspoon reviews and those of you who come back for a random read into my life and the food I share with you all.

For 2013, I have wanted to set a resolution. I do not usually make a resolution for the simple reason that hardly anyone actually follows through. But I wanna do something for real. I have several goals for this year and I still have to actually put these things into priority.

I’d also like to hear from you and get feedback on recipes you would like me to try and post about. Is there anything you’ve been too afraid to try and would like some how-to photos of on here? Let me know!

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Stay tuned for my plan to participate in a¬†church-wide¬†fasting event – The Daniel’s Fast.

Zulaika H.

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So what do you think?