Wawa is a well known food mart which also sells fuel. Apparently, they are very common in some states/areas, but it wasn’t until this summer that our town had a couple locations premiere.

I personally love the place. It’s very entertaining to see everything neatly placed in the store. Everything is so organized – I love when stores are so visually appealing. With that, however, comes a consequence –¬†overindulgence.

We stopped by tonight for a snack and I came out with something I didn’t plan on consuming – at all.
I wanted a Butterscotch TastyKake Krimpet cake (very delicious with milk), but after staring at all the labels and seeing the crazy calories I opted for a cup of soup instead. It may have still been a high calorie choice, but not as bad or as sweet as a cake.

Another cool thing about this place is the center of the store has this window area – behind the window is where the employees make your food. You can see everything.

My husband always gets a smoothie – strawberry, but usually banana related. Last night it was a banana smoothie. They are good.

The picture I took of my soup came out very blurry so I’m providing the Wawa photo from their site here (it’s the upper left bowl):

The soup reminded me of the Broccoli cheese from Quizno’s – I swear whatever they do (or buy premade) has to be from the same company. It tastes exactly the same – and it’s my favorite. The part that Wawa tops Quizno’s on is the buttered roll option. The bread goes perfect with the soup.

The last time I got hot food from Wawa was on Nov. 10th (Saturday night). It was the first time I tried their chicken strips and I really liked them (though they are deep fried and probably not even real chicken). Either way, they were good.

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