This is one of those posts I for some reason overlook because I think I’ve done it before. I would say we eat at Chili’s semi-regularly, which for us is at least 6 times a year. It’s one of those fun places where you always know what you want and 2 for 1 specials never seem to end. I have never had an issue with my food at this restaurant and I think that is the main reason we keep coming back to this franchise.

If you’ve never been I would suggest going and trying the $20 Dinner for Two special (a great way to sample their food). 

Today, we stopped here for lunch before driving back home from a four day trip to Mayport. For just a few days of military training, I felt very tired. I barely slept 3 hours last night.

I had a couple beers (frosty mugs were the best part) and wanted to have some salty food with it so I opted for the Fried Shrimp, which is served with french fries and cole slaw (quite good, actually).


Ruben had Bacon Ranch Quesadillas (Bacon + Ranch are two of his favorite things to put in food so he was in heaven).

Now, just for fun, I am putting the images from their online menu of the items we ordered. The difference for me was my basket didn’t seem as full and the difference for Ruben’s food was the lack of a pretty arrangement. At least on Ruben’s part I know he would have preferred not to have the guacamole.

The Yuengling helped to put me down for a much needed nap – all the way to Orlando.

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