This is one of those entrees that make my mouth water. When I was younger, I didn’t eat any meat unless my mom made this. I don’t know if it was because it looked like a big chicken nugget or just the flavor – but even ’til this day it’s a favorite.

First you want to gather your ingredients like this:

-the meat
-one large egg
-preferred seasoning (I use all seasoning)
-bread crumbs (my favorite is this cheap Italian style from Walmart)

Next, you want to crack and whisk the egg in a bowl. I like to add some seasoning into the egg. Pour the bread crumbs in a separate bowl, I tend to use about a tablespoon per steak, but it really depends on their size (surface area).

Then you take a steak, dip into egg, remove and dip into bread crumbs until it’s totally covered.

After breading each steak, I like to set them on a plate for a few minutes. This allows the seasoning to penetrate the meat and for the breading not to come off as easily.

After this is done, you’re ready to fry. I fry them in oil for about 2 minutes each side… Or just a minute and a half if it’s in a deep fryer. This may vary depending on the thickness of your meat.

Sometimes, after their all breaded I’ll re-bread them (placing into more egg, and then more breading). But this isn’t necessary – I usually only do it for thicker cuts of meat.

Because of recent feedback I decided to add a photo of a typical meal with breaded steak. The pink sauce on my plate is a “Mayo-Ketchup” mixture (I like to also put garlic paste in mine). It’s a really good sauce to dip my steak in. I also use the sauce on tostones (this is a Puerto Rican / Hispanic traditional sauce).

That’s it! Enjoy my friends 🙂

Zulaika H.

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