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Cayenne Pepper Kale Chips

Cayenne Pepper Kale Chips

Kale chips is a fun snack that has become really popular in recent years. This recipe adds a little spice (or alot depending on your taste) and is a fun twist on the original.  Continue reading

Ruben and I have a weak spot for hibachi style restaurants and that’s basically how we got to this place. It isn’t fancy, but the prices are really good and if you know what to order you will leave happy.

Art hanging in the restaurant
Restaurant interior

My main advice is do not eat from the buffet – at least not as late as we went to the restaurant. They’re hibachi (made to order meals) are good, but I did notice that their meat was previously frozen. The more I type the more I realize why this place has mixed reviews. The last tip I’ll give is to have the staff mix your sauce for you based on your description. They are much better at the seasonings (I did not do a good mix for my second round).

A closer look at my noodles with beef and broccoli.

Not sure if you will be ther best fan, but I liked it and would go again. Let me know if you have gone and what you thought.

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Tonight we had chicken, rice and beans (I’m still trying to use those up). I added a little  Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy seasoning to them as a kind of rub and pan fried them (using just enough extra virgin olive oil to lubricate the pan) with onions. This would have been a good recipe to add potatoes, but I don’t cook them too often because Ruben dislikes them.

To the right are the seasonings I used for the chicken thighs – which were skinless by the way. Goya Adobo, Badia Complete Seasoning, Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy

Below is a photo of my dinner plate. I realize that I’ve never posted about how I cook my white rice. I will have to post a blog about that another day. I also fried some plantains (tostones) and had my dinner with water 🙂

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Follow Me on Pinterest for easy sharing of my reviews and recipes and a bunch of other fun stuff on there.