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Basil Cashew Chicken Salad

Basil Cashew Chicken Salad

A few years ago, when I worked for a telecommunications company located just outside of College Park, I really loved to grab lunch at a little place called Roly Poly. This will sound way cheesy, but it was there that I fell in love with the #30 (also known as their Basil Cashew Chicken salad cold rolled sandwich).

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Mama B's

Mama B’s

You know how there are people out there that don’t do much to try and impress others? They just do their own thing, don’t make a big fuss about themselves, and somehow they are well liked by their neighbors and end up with a lot of friends without really trying! Well the place I’m reviewing today, Mama B’s Giant Subs, is a lot like that. Continue reading

This is one of those posts where I can’t understand why I haven’t shared. YaYa’s is a place that has been part of my life for a long time.
Their original location, which I am reviewing, is right down the street from my old high school. As long as I had time before class, I’d stop in for toast with butter and coffee – still my favorite breakfast! And I got it all for about 3 bucks!

When it comes to breakfast sandwiches, I just cannot stay away from this – it is my favorite. A fried egg sandwich. The Cuban bread, baked fresh every day here, just makes it unbelievable. This bakery sells out of their freshly baked bread by 9 or 10 every morning. I think that proves it.

I think the only person that makes better coffee than YaYa’s is my husband, Ruben.

Here’s a video with the restaurant’s owner on the tradition of Cuban Sandwiches and a recipe

Note: YaYa’s caters and even make complete Thanksgiving dinners for great prices and options. Also, if you go there for lunch, try their Pan con Lechon (pork sandwich). It’s very good!

Connect with YaYa’s:
YaYa’s Cuban Cafe (Official website)
YaYa’s Facebook Page 
YaYa’s Official YouTube Channel
YaYa’s Twitter (aren’t very active since the creation of their account)

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Zulaika H.

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Every single time I go to Firehouse Subs I place the same order. Two years ago, I had noted that this was my favorite sub place and I (for some odd reason) still had not made a blog post about it (until now).

Firehouse Subs is a franchise I discovered two or three years ago in Orlando and ever since I’ve favored it among the rest. It was here that I was introduced to my favorite hot sauce called “Burnin’ Love” after Elvis’ song released in 1972. I keep a bottle at home and add to my homemade sandwiches, rice and beans, chicken, and more. There are plenty of others to choose from – the counter has about fifty options for sauce and most are also available for sale. I try to bring mine when we go because it is not always available.

You may not know this but I LOVE listening to Elvis; “Love me tender” is one of my favorite songs to set on my phone’s alarm clock. (Photo credit hotsauceworld.com).

The YouTube video of this song is below.

My sandwich always tastes the same. This franchise has it right in that, no matter where you go, your favorite will stay your favorite because it doesn’t change. The ingredients in the sandwich and my add-ons are in the photo below.

Mmm… can’t wait to go again! (try to do so at least once a month).

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Firehouse Subs on Urbanspoon

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 Step 1: Mayo.
Only on one side and enough to not see 90% of the pores in the slice of bread.

Step 2: Cold cuts. NEVER put cheese over mayo. I do not like that and CAN notice if I were eating my sandwich. It makes the cheese chewy in a different way. The wrong way. HAM is always first.

Step 3: Turkey and/or other meats can go in any order as long as HAM is directly on the mayo. See I’m not THAT difficult 🙂


Step 4: Cheese. I prefer Swiss cheese. My second choice is provologne. I’m not really a big fan of American cheese unless it’s for grilled cheese sandwiches. But that’s a whole different post.


Step 5: Sometimes I don’t want lettuce on my sandwich. Only if I’m in the mood for a “big” sandwich.

Step 6: Same thing here. I only use tomatoes in a sandwich if I’m having lettuce in a “big” sandwich OR if I’m having a tomato and mayo sandwich – which is quite good!

Step 7: Top. When having a big sandwich I like to add salt & pepper and sometimes oil & vinegar. In this case I left out the liquids and just put the second slice of bread and cut in half. I prefer squares because I feel triangles should be just for grilled cheese. Or any sandwich made for a kid.

Below are a couple pictures: 1 shows all the ingredients I use at once and how a sandwich SHOULD REALLY be made! And the other is of a Boar’s Head oil/vinegar based sauce that I found I only like with roast beef sandwiches. It has a dry pickled taste to it. I don’t have any other way of describing it. But it’s good.

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