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Sea Thai1

A Review: Sea Thai Orlando

Recently, I had to go to an all morning training for work. On the way to my office, I really wanted to pick up lunch and I ended up stopping at Sea Thai. Continue reading

Mama B's

Mama B’s

You know how there are people out there that don’t do much to try and impress others? They just do their own thing, don’t make a big fuss about themselves, and somehow they are well liked by their neighbors and end up with a lot of friends without really trying! Well the place I’m reviewing today, Mama B’s Giant Subs, is a lot like that. Continue reading


Lechonera Latina

Recently I had family visiting and needed to have enough food for 10 people. Even though I love cooking and was happy to see them after a few years, it was not good timing for my kitchen. Continue reading


4 Rivers Smokehouse

As someone who makes pretty amazing ribs myself, I am quite the picky rib eater at restaurants.
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Restaurant Review: Los Arrieros Restaurant

Los Arrieros Restaurant

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably are aware that I’ve recently traveled to New York. Today’s restaurant review is from a Colombian restaurant in Jackson Heights called Los Arrieros.

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Best Burger in Jacksonville

Today’s review is on a burger joint my husband and I discovered a couple years ago called Colonel Mustard’s Phabulous Phat Burgers.
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