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Carrot Cantaloupe Smoothie

Carrot Cantaloupe Surprise [smoothie recipe]

I’ve been such a bad girl lately with sweets. I have so many weak moments and switching my birth control hasn’t helped (sidenote: if that’s TMI then just scroll down to the recipe my love). So I’ve been trying to redirect my cravings and using more natural sugars before I even consider cutting sugar all the way.  Continue reading

Banana Papaya Sorbet

Creamy Papaya Sorbet Recipe

Hey guys! I Hope you are doing awesome! Today’s recipe is something I put together based on an early morning craving.  Continue reading

Baked Pepper Eggs

Baked Pepper Eggs

I’ve been trying to better my food photography, and wanted to cook something with color. I decided to put together a breakfast for me that was delicious AND photogenic. Continue reading

Fast Day 9

Now that I am eating solid foods again, I’m glad I can use my favorite salad packing bowl.
The (green) insert doubles as an ice pack that keeps everything inside cold. There is also a container that fits in the center for my dressing.

Greens (from my garden), tomato, raspberries, granola, and chile cashews

The Chile Cashews are so good. I roasted these for about 8 minutes and then tossed them in a mixture of salt, pepper, Chile flakes, and vegetable oil.

…I think I might need to start making recipe cards for download on here for you.

This is a tool I use from Sparkpeople.com

Thanks for reading 🙂
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