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Starfruit filled Brown-Sugar Shortbread Cookies

Earlier this year, I found one of my favorite treasures ever – a McCall’s Cookbook from 1963 (a first printing). Within it is the most basic cookie – a brown-sugar shortbread cookie – and that’s what I put together here with a starry twist!  Continue reading

foodiezoolee podcast

Ep 5 – Lemon Cookies

Listen to hear how to keep apples from turning brown, my lemon cookie recipe, and how to get more juice out of a lemon.

Link to blog post – http://foodiezoolee.com/recipes/lemon-cookies/

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Lemon Cookies by FoodieZoolee.com

Lemon Cookies (easy and customizable to your taste)

A couple weeks ago, I shared a photo of these delicious lemon cookies on my Instagram.

Continue reading


White Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

Ordinarily, baking cookies is already something I really enjoy. One of the things that I always try to do is have homemade desserts always available for my family. Something about filled cookie jars just makes me feel like a better mom (wouldn’t your kids agree with that?) Continue reading


Polvorones: The Spanish shortbread cookie

My kind of cookie is buttery, with a touch of almond, and simple. That is why whenever I go to Puerto Rico, I return with a few bags of my favorite cookie of all time – polvorones!  Continue reading