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Carrot Cantaloupe Smoothie

Carrot Cantaloupe Surprise [smoothie recipe]

I’ve been such a bad girl lately with sweets. I have so many weak moments and switching my birth control hasn’t helped (sidenote: if that’s TMI then just scroll down to the recipe my love). So I’ve been trying to redirect my cravings and using more natural sugars before I even consider cutting sugar all the way.  Continue reading

Never done this before

For breakfast, I made cashew milk

I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

For the first 7 days of my Daniel’s Fast, I will be on a liquid only diet. A couple years ago, my sister did all liquid for a few days (I can’t remember how many) and though you could tell it was a bit difficult at first, she handled it quite well.

On my previous post, I discussed what fasting is. Now, on my 21 day journey I will share what I consume and the day to day focus of my fast. The thing about fasting is it is very sacred and I probably shouldn’t be talking about it publicly. But I have always noticed that people that do not fast for religious reasons often have questions; questions are mainly about why and how it is done. While I will be sharing this process, there will also be things I keep to myself. Any revelations I feel are mine and not for sharing will be kept to myself. I also want to note that my personal experience will not necessarily reflect “the perfect fasting procedure” or what you might experience during a fast.

Usually, our church schedules our fast to begin on a Monday, but that is not the case this year. As I mentioned, for the next week I will only consume liquids.

For breakfast, I made cashew milk

Cashew Milk Recipe (one serving)

  • 1 ounce raw cashews (soaked in water overnight)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 tsp of vanilla
  • Blender
  1. Place all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth.
  2. Strain.
  3. Serve.

I made the mistake of not drinking something nutritious for several hours (just drank water) and got a very strong headache. I was determined not to take any medicine and focused on the day’s events.

I sat in the patio and read a little, and wondered why I don’t try to make time to do this more often. It felt so relaxing.

For dinner, we went to my in laws and I had broth from the soup she made. It was very good. There was a lot more food; tostones, rice, shredded beef, bread, and salad – all things I couldn’t eat.

This is what the soup looked like
This is what I actually “ate”

Overall the day was not too hard and I feel it can only get easier. Especially if I plan my “meals” better for the next 6 days.

Today’s Note:
Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.Whether you are a Christian or not, this makes sense. If you focus on positive things in life you are more likely to have positive results. If you are a pessimist, it will be more likely for you to be unhappy.Seize the day. Bring your focus into something great!

Fast Day 1

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As I search for this place on Google I am surprised to see so many mixed reviews. I personally REALLY enjoyed our drive into Fernandina and the brunch we had at Jack & Diane’s this morning.

The drive to Fernandina Beach was so relaxing. My husband drove the whole hour while I just took in the scenery in the passenger seat. Ruben never minds driving long distances and for that I am so thankful. I had no idea what our destination was – just that we were going to eat breakfast somewhere new. This week we were in Mayport because I was on duty and this morning was my time to rest in between nightly watch shifts.

During the drive we took the St. Johns River ferry – this was my first time ever riding a ferry in a car. You are allowed to get off the car while the ferry is crossing the river and take pictures or just take in the waterway.

After a little more driving we got into a little town that for some reason reminded me of Stars Hollow (a pretend Connecticut town of the old show Gilmore Girls) even though the city in the show wasn’t near a beach – but this area of Fernandina didn’t scream beach town (no surf board & bathing suit stores in sight).

Side note that has nothing to do with the restaurant in this post: I always found it interesting that Gilmore Girls ended and Gossip Girl started in the same year (2007). Two words; similar titles. The end of one type of show and the beginning (to me anyway) of a new show for teens to watch that was so racy. I still love Gossip Girl. But shows that started up after this like 90210 (among others) were just too sexy for me to deal with. The dirty drama is so bad for teenagers to watch. They are adult shows (please make sure you know what your kids are watching). *End rant*

BACK to this post…

So we get to Jack & Diane’s and right away I feel a good vibe. There was so much to describe about this place so I took a lot of photos (sorry if you feel that’s lazy on the writing portion here hehe).

The feel of the small place is very homey. My husband and I discussed that it is obviously a home with a couple walls knocked out to make the open space of the dining area. I wouldn’t host a wedding reception here, but the place is very comfortable and the staff was very friendly.

+Cool Points & +Community Points

The walls are covered with local art for sale. There is also a small little area where collectibles are sold (travel memorabilia of the town, wine made locally, and business cards of a few local entrepreneurs).

The first (and only) negative I saw to this place was how extensive their menu is. A place that has more than 30 options sounds ridiculous. BUT after eating the food I realized that every entree must be good if they feel it’s important to leave it in. This means the ONLY negative of this place is retracted and I actually found nothing wrong with Jack & Diane’s. I would definitely recommend.

My meal was the Carne Asada & Eggs ($11) (hash made of regular and sweet potato, really diced up fries, eggs, steak/carnita in jalapeno)

I could not get enough of my food. This came with flour tortillas for me to build my own and everything tasted so great. Each piece was individual and full of flavor but complimented each other so well. I would definitely eat this again.

Ruben’s meal was the Mel’s Bagel Sandwich ($8) (bagel, ham, egg, and cheese) which came with the house remoulade, in addition he ordered the mango salsa to try – it’s obvious he went a little safe here, but he did say it was all very good.

I would say give them a try, but don’t bash the place for not being your “type” of place. Make sure you describe things constructively. I really did enjoy this place.

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This morning we went out for a late breakfast with a friend. It wasn’t planned so we just searched for a random location and this happened to be it.

This the the awning outside… so you get the jist of their “decorations”.

Super quick description: Greek, diner, regular-tasting, lots of seating, and overall not fantastic (food), service was fine.

The Menu – one of the obvious signs this is an “old” place.
There is some definite wear and tear on these.

I had pancakges, eggs, hash browns, bacon, and orange juice (basic diner test plate) and everything tasted authentically “diner-ish” . Greasy – nothing extraordinary about it.

It wasn’t the worst experience, but it is unlikely that we will ever return.

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The mention of Astoria always reminds me of New York, low-key fashionistas, and now it also reminds me of the very cool brunch Ruben and I had at a place called Fatty’s Cafe. Today actually marks a whole month since our visit, but the experience is my favorite from the entire trip (to be beat only by breakfast at Tom’s – more on that another time).

Part of me wishes I would have taken more photos of the ambiance, but I was too excited to think twice of it. Fatty’s is a small cafe on the corner of Ditmars Blvd. and Crescent St. When you approach it, you might almost miss how perfectly awesome it is. If you go, (and weather permits) request to be seated out on the patio. You’ll walk on the sidewalk to the back of the building to enter a whole new realm. Instantly, we felt as if it wasn’t even New York anymore. The atmosphere is that different.

Your order is taken – drinks first of course. Take note: Each brunch entree ($15) comes complete with your choice of a Orange, Mango, or Pineapple Mimosa. I am pretty sure we all chose Mango flavored. I also couldn’t help but to order and try their “Cafe con Leche” (espresso with sweetened warm milk). It was really good…

But let’s remember my husband is Cuban – and no one makes a cafe con leche like he does.

At any rate, Fatty’s cafe con leche did not disappoint.

Ruben had Steak, eggs and home fries (which he thought would be fries and not potato chunks) he didn’t eat the potatoes. I tried not to crop this photo too much so you could see the natural light we were basking in 🙂

I ordered pancakes, eggs and bacon – and sadly could not eat it all. But really tried!

I enjoyed visiting this place, and it is very hard to put into words the feeling of comfort you get by coming here. The servers were friendly, the food was good, and there were no negatives. I don’t know when our next trip to New York will be, but I would not hesitate going to Fatty’s again. Please feel free to share your reviews as well if you’ve ever gone – I’d love to know what the other food was like.
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