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Getting down and dirty


I remember being about five or six and playing outside in our yard. We lived in a white townhouse that had a grass run dividing two driveways. I can remember
sitting on the ground and sorting through the dirt to find bugs, rocks, flowers – an endless amount of entertainment.

Sometimes when I tell my daughter to “not get her clothes dirty” this comes to mind and I HAVE TO bend the rules for conscience sake. How could I enforce cleanliness in the middle of fun?

I spent some time gardening on New Year’s Day and planted some peas and lettuce. I can already see them coming up. So exciting!
Peas Jan 1, 2013
Peas and lettuce Jan 1, 2013
Peas Jan 9, 2013 (8 days)
Peas and lettuce Jan 9, 2013 (8 days)
Tomatoes Jan 9, 2013
The tomatoes were planted about a month ago and today, I saw the fruits of our labor and got so excited. I can’t wait to have these on a salad in a couple/few weeks.
I love getting my hands dirty, but I have to place a special thank you to my husband, who waters our plants every day and I am so thankful for that 🙂
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Seeds I used are from Burpee (purchased at the Home Depot)
I use a Topsy Turvy planter for my tomatoes
Later gators!
Zulaika H.


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Fast Day 3

This really gets easier with time. I almost feel like I can go on like this forever. Because I am juicing and know what goes into my “food” it feels so right. The other unbelievable thing I am experiencing is
how fully energetic I feel in the morning. I needed to get up early to run an errand this morning and I felt awake before my alarm went off.

To contrast all of this, I am also starting to feel as if I should be doing more. Shouldn’t my fast be difficult? Shouldn’t I struggle and feel worse? So that brings the question – does sacrifice automatically imply discomfort? Does God want me to suffer?

I’m learning that it is quite the opposite. This isn’t about enduring hunger or pain at all. This is about bringing up my soul into a cleansed state. Where I can better connect with God and bring forth all the joys in life He intended me to have.

I went into the break room of my job today to find something I am seeing everywhere… TEMPTATION.
Isn’t it weird how that happens? 

For instance:

  • If you’re waiting for someone to meet you and they will be in a red Camry – for the duration of your wait all you see are red cars!
  • Or if you just want to quickly (because you should already be driving to work) return some pants that didn’t fit properly at the store, the line is all of a sudden full of people this early in the morning.
  • Or if like me, you are sacrificing food for a week and your birthday goes without cake (on the day). You get random emails from restaurants (who have never emailed you promotions before) about special deals on your favorite Chinese dish. Or you go to get a bottle of water in the break room and find that someone is giving away a bunch of candy!

But that is just the way things are sometimes.

Do not confuse my rant for anger – I really find this quite amusing. I am laughing as I type this because I know I’ve already won.

For lunch I had soup, Sun Ripened Orange Tomato Soup (I am getting a bit tired of tomato soup).

In other news, Jazlynn started her dance class today. She really enjoyed that and we already cannot wait until the next session.

I’ll leave you guys with a song I really love.

Have a great night,
Zulaika H.

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Why I never blog in January

Sometimes, you can do things over and over again without really realizing the end results. The Daniel’s Fast is something I have participated in for 5 years now and this will be the first time I actually share this online – or with anyone outside of my family.

You probably never realized this, but aside from my first post of 2013 (yesterday), I have NEVER posted anything in January or the beginning of the year. The reason for this has mainly been because of a sacred tradition I have with my church family to fast for 21 days in January of every year. This is not the only time a Christian (or person of any religion) may fast, but it is a time my Pastor usually schedules to start the year in prayer for the future of our congregation and nation.

What is Fasting? – Abstain from all or some kinds of food or drink, esp. as a religious observance.

Religious observances are not the only occasion for which people fast. A person may fast due to a political stance, or also for health reasons (at the direction of a physician).

There are many reasons why people fast.

  • [Religious] Fasting is used universally in several religions as a means to focus on spiritual goals.
  • [Religious] Fasting, usually combined with prayer, meditation, or other types of worship are tools believed to bring you closer to God.
  • [Health / Scientific] Interesting article by Michael Mosley (BBC News) this past August on how fasting intermittently could be very beneficial.
  • [Health / Scientific] Another article on from May 2012 on how fasting can actually override the harmful effects of a high-fat diet. This means you can use fasting to reverse the cholesterol damage you are doing now! 
  • [Political] There have been several recorded fasting events in which practitioners were fighting for specific rights in their political arena. Mahatma Ghandi was known to practice fasting for both self purification and political mobilization.

We are not the only church who have this tradition and maybe you even have been part of this.

If you would like to follow along with me as I complete the Daniel’s Fast this month, subscribe so you can get the latest posts with recipes and information. You may be looking for spiritual guidance or you may just be trying to lose some holiday weight by eating healthier. Whatever your reason, I’m glad to share my experience with you for this 21 day fast.

The fast will be from January 6th thru the 26th. I look forward to sharing throughout this journey.

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Not fasting? Here’s an interesting slideshow from I recently viewed on Eating Healthier this New Year.

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Happy New Year!

Before I go on, I want to thank my readers. Those of you who randomly arrive here via your Google search for Puerto Rican Pork chops or my
Urbanspoon reviews and those of you who come back for a random read into my life and the food I share with you all.

For 2013, I have wanted to set a resolution. I do not usually make a resolution for the simple reason that hardly anyone actually follows through. But I wanna do something for real. I have several goals for this year and I still have to actually put these things into priority.

I’d also like to hear from you and get feedback on recipes you would like me to try and post about. Is there anything you’ve been too afraid to try and would like some how-to photos of on here? Let me know!

Consider subscribing to my blog this year so that you have faster access to my new posts via Google Reader, Blogger, or whatever RSS feed site/program you use (my feedburner link is above on the RSS Link).

Stay tuned for my plan to participate in a church-wide fasting event – The Daniel’s Fast.

Zulaika H.

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I’ve been feeling a little health conscious these days. Planning meals (lunches especially) has become a bit of a hobby. Here’s what a sample lunch looks like for me these days. The nutritional information is below in case anyone was wondering – not sure how healthy it really is. But it’s good 🙂 Get a 100% FREE Online Diet

The nutritional information was gathered by using – a weight loss/healthy social networking website I’ve been part of since 2007.

Want to know how many calories you ate today? Use this quick search!

Food Search:

I encourage you to logon and find me ZULAIKAH – the site is really easy to use and has SO MANY resources as well as trackers to help you learn what to do and what not to do. The most important feature of Sparkpeople to me is the social feature in which you find so many people who are motivating and friendly – wanting only your support in return.

Good luck,

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This blog has gone through a few transformations: First, counting calories was my goal (I was a mom with a toddler still trying to lose the baby weight). Then I moved to just blogging about all I ate without boring everyone with dieting notes. It’s been a little while but I have experienced several big changes in my life. I always tried to keep my personal life out of my blog and just focus on the food – but now that I am out of A-School and back home there’s too much going on not to share.

So welcome to the new…
Get In My Belly!

I’m a Sailor. I’m an Executive Assistant. I’m a wife. I’m a mother.

…and I’m really excited to share my stories in new fashion – of course while still including all the yummy food I consume 🙂

Thanks for reading!

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