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Looking for Gluten Free Desserts?

Dessert lovers are absolutely crushed when they find out that they have celiac disease. Finding out that you have a disease is bad enough, but learning that you can no longer have the sweet desserts you love can make that feeling even worse. Changing your lifestyle to take on a gluten free diet is never an easy task, especially when it means you have to give up many of the foods you love. Continue reading

A personal update

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted a recipe or review, and the truth is I’ve been having a battle within myself of what I want to do on this blog. I still love cooking and I still love food, but there has been a need for me to not make it the central part of my life.  Continue reading

Produce in Season by the Month

Exactly a year ago today, I published a Meal Planner template and since we are at the end of the year I really wanted to make another resource for you guys. I put together a list of produce in season by the month and you can download the PDF here.  Continue reading


Weekly Meal Planner for the New Year

The new year is quickly approaching and I’ve already posted my new year’s resolution’s on my personal blog. But we don’t have to wait until January 1st to start making our goals happen. In this post you can download a free copy of my weekly meal planner. Continue reading