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Weekly Meal Planner for the New Year

The new year is quickly approaching and I’ve already posted my new year’s resolution’s on my personal blog. But we don’t have to wait until January 1st to start making our goals happen. In this post you can download a free copy of my weekly meal planner. Continue reading

Things to do with all your left over (plastic) Easter Eggs

This morning Jazlynn was in need of some maracas to dance a long with a DVD that teaches dance (Baby Dance). Immediately, I thought of putting some rice in a couple of her plastic Easter Eggs and voila! Continue reading

Jazlynn and me

I’ve already said this before – I’m all about holidays, crafts, and decorating. I’m already excited that Thanksgiving is next. Which I think is the best family holiday. Everyone gets together and are all ready to eat and enjoy time together, AND we get to put our Christmas tree up! I really can’t wait.

On Saturday, I took Jazlynn to this cute place on Lake Picket.  Continue reading

I am so excited for the month of October. Now that Halloween is coming up it means so is Thanksgiving, and Christmas, my husband’s birthday, New Year’s, my birthday and then Spring and then my daughter’s birthday (and my mom’s and my grandma’s all in March). It just gets me excited.  Continue reading