Paleo friendly snacks: Go Chomps Review

If you search food and cookbooks anywhere these days, you will notice there is a definite craze over Paleo – but what is that exactly?  I’ll let you know a bit more in this post as well as the yummy Chomps Snack Sticks I was able to review this month with BrandBacker. 

What is the Paleo Diet?

Paleo is a way of eating that is intricately designed with modern knowledge of our genetics. There are things we know, such as dairy causing acne and also that eating certain fruit and vegetables can help balance sugar in a way that would greatly benefit those with Diabetes or at risk of getting the disease. You can check out more information on the benefits of a Paleo Diet here.

Chomps Snack Sticks


I was very fortunate to be selected as a blogger to feature Chomps with BrandBacker. I specifically wanted to work with them because of their food snack, which is Paleo friendly, filled with protein (9g per serving!) and Gluten Free!  They also note that their snacks are made using grass fed beef.

The Flavors:


I received a 6 count pack to review, which included 3 flavors: Original, Hoppin’ Jalapeño, and Crankin’ Cran (my favorite). I like that the taste of these aren’t salty like other meat snack sticks (you know what I’m talking about) and the flavor is beefy and just very good. Another thing I find incredibly interesting is that Chomps uses celery juice as a natural preservative – I don’t even like celery so no need to worry about tasting that in the snacks at all.

I will be ordering these in the near future for the sake of having them handy on the go. Oh and each snack is pretty big, so you can share without hesitation 😉

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