Christmas Tree Cake

Happy Holidays foodies! I’m back this week with a cute idea, which I can’t imagine is original but I swear I haven’t actually searched Pinterest for it. Actually, I feel maybe Pinterest will put these to shame a bit in the pretty department, but I love they way they turned out nonetheless.

Christmas Tree Cake


All month long, I’ve been sharing holiday inspired treats and you just have this last week before Christmas arrives – have you gotten all your shopping done? I’m happy to say there is just ONE person for which I have yet to track down a gift, but I know what I want just not exactly where to get it. Wish me luck!

A while back I saw a YouTube video by Cupcake Jemma where she baked little hearts into cupcakes for Valentine’s and that’s what kind of sparked my imagination for this Christmas Tree Cake.

The trick is to bake a sheet of cake and then cut out your desired shape with a cookie cutter. Then you put those shapes into your baking pan and pour the cake batter for your final cake over the shapes.

I just used boxed cake mix for these, but you can certainly bake your cakes from scratch for this recipe.

christmas-tree-cake-pin-2 christmas-tree-cake-pin

Tools you’ll need for this recipe (affiliate links): 

Cookie cutter for the shapes

Bread baking pans (I used two to bake both at the same time)

Mixing bowls

Have you ever baked shapes into your cakes before? What would you try?


So what do you think?