12 Days of Foodie Fashion (Tees)

Merry Christmass Foodies! We are just a couple days away from Christmas morning and I’m so excited to spend this time with more baking and family. 

Since you are done prepping for the family (and hopefully all ‘wrapped’ up, too 🙂 ), why don’t you treat yourself to one of these hilarious foodie-themed tees from LookHuman.com?!

12 Days of Foodie Fashion (Tees)

Foodie Fashion Tees

  1. Im Only Single Because I Cant Date Food
  2. Kawaii Food Dogs
  3. Why Be With A Zero When You Can Get With This Gyro
  4. Quesa-Deal With It!
  5. I Have No Idea What I am Doing Dog- Cooking
  6. Cooking Without A Good Recipe Is Whisky Business
  7. Cooking With Cattitude
  8. Cooking is My Cardio
  9. If You Dont Like My Cooking You Can Beat It
  10. Get out of My Kitchen
  11. Store Bought Is Fine If Youre A Basic Cook
  12. Make Food Not War

If you haven’t already, check out this month’s Holiday Treats!

meringue-foodiezoolee2 snowflake rice krispies-2 christmas-tree-cake-pin

Which one is your fav?

So what do you think?