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7 Dangerous Food Items

We need food to live, but did you know some foods are dangerous and even deadly? Today, I’m sharing a list of 7 dangerous food items. 

watch out for these dangerous food items!

  1. Soy – eating too much soy can reduce fertility in women because it contains plant compounds that mimic estrogen. Easting large amounts of estrogens are what might reduce fertility.

    soy is a dangerous food

    Photo by Quinn Dombrowski (edited)

  2. Oranges – the acid in citrus fruits like oranges can cause acid reflux and if eaten frequently on an empty stomach can cause irreversible damage to your stomach lining!

    oranges are a dangerous food

    Photo by Francisco Antunes (edited)

  3. Bananas – eating too many bananas or other potassium rich foods can actually lead to cardiac arrest

    bananas are a dangerous food

    Photo by keepon i (edited)

  4. Fish – Many fish contain mercury, which can cause vision, hearing and speech problems, and even muscle weakness.

    fish is a dangerous food

    Photo by Gideon (edited)

  5. Brazil nuts – you can actually lose your nails from consuming too much selenium rich foods like Brazil nuts!

    Brazil nuts are a dangerous food

    Photo by Jean Marconi (edited)

  6. Dried figs – there’s actually something called hypercalcemia, which is when you have too much calcium intake from vitamins and calcium rich food like dried figs. Hypercalcemia can cause kidney problems, abdominal pain, and vomiting.

    dried figs are a dangerous food

    Photo by Scott Dexter (edited)

  7. Water – probably the most surprising thing that could be dangerous to consume too much of is water (okay it’s not actually food but this is super important to know). Excessive water consumption can lead to water intoxication and it can actually be deadly. If your urine is consistently clear (not yellow), you may be consuming too much water.

    water is a dangerous food

    Photo by Ryan Hyde (edited)

Which item from this dangerous food list is most surprising for you? 

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