Cooking with oil and how to choose the right kind

I use different oils for things in cooking and though that is obvious to me, it wasn’t always that way.

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Growing up I always saw my mom cooking with oil, but my mom mostly bought corn oil and she used it for pretty much everything. She put it in the water boiling for rice to make the grains glisten. She also fried our plantains and chicken with it. My mom did use olive oil in salads, but that was pretty much it.

As I started cooking on my own (and binge watching the Food Network in my teens), I learned that there were a lot of different oils available and I was quickly eager to try everything and figure out their flavors.

I’ve learned a lot – most importantly NOT to fry food with olive oil because it smokes very easily and it’ll make your kitchen smell for a couple days.

Cooking with oilbutter-cooking-with-oil

Cooking with oil doesn’t just have to be complicated for us now because there are great resources (like the infographic below) that can save us from making mistakes.



To read more about the different oils and their uses, click the infographic below from


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