Broasterant – Fried Chicken Restaurant

I mentioned recently that I traveled to my hometown. Whilst in Hartford, I made sure to eat at a family favorite location.

Broasterant – Fried Chicken Restaurant

Broasterant is on Park Street, which has kind of always been a lifeline for locals in Hartford. The street, not the restaurant. It’s the “poor” side of town and where everyone I knew picked up groceries, the weekly Cuban bread for breakfast, and pretty much everything else. There is still a music store on the street where everyone still goes for the latest CDs, and yes even in this iTunes era.


So back to Broasteraunt. This fried chicken restaurant has been on Park Street for longer than I’ve been alive. The woman who runs the place is a Polish woman who has literally watched my mom and me grow up. My mom when she was a lost teen and came to Hartford on her own from Brooklyn (in the 80s) and me as my mom continued to visit for meals. She has even seen my daughter over the years because we ALWAYS ALWAYS got there on visits.

And so here we were, the three generations 🙂 (my grandma didn’t feel like going out for dinner)


The menu is quite simple. You can have either chicken or shrimp with fries. The chicken is cooked in a special oven that broils it and it tastes great because it’s just a bit crispy on the outside and the inside is so moist. I usually have chicken, but it had been so long and I craved the shrimp.

Fried shrimp and fries with bread

Jazlynn and mom at restaurant eating fries

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Do you still live in the city you were born in (or even the same state?). If you moved, is there food you would miss from there? Tell me about a place you miss in the comments below.

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