Mama B's

Mama B’s

You know how there are people out there that don’t do much to try and impress others? They just do their own thing, don’t make a big fuss about themselves, and somehow they are well liked by their neighbors and end up with a lot of friends without really trying! Well the place I’m reviewing today, Mama B’s Giant Subs, is a lot like that.

For years, I drove past Mama B’s on my way to work and didn’t even look twice. I new it was some kind of lunch spot and that there are always people there, but it wasn’t enough to make me go in. The outside looks drab and there aren’t many signs begging you to go in.

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Eventually, I went with Ruben and realized that I was missing a pretty good cheese steak (mine is with lettuce)!

IMAG1387 - CopyIn addition to a great cheese steak, Mama B’s offers it all at a fair price. Pretty much everything is between 5 and 10 bucks and you’ll have to pay for it in cash.

While we don’t go that often, I can say if I’m ever hungry on their side of town, I know what I’m having and that it’ll be good. So while it is VERY low key and the service isn’t spectacular (they’ve gotten some reviews about them being rude, but I’ve never had an issue), I would still go in and grab a bite to eat.

Almost forgot! If you go and they have oatmeal pies for sale, get a couple! They are homemade and so tasty.

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Have you ever been to Mama B’s or do you know a place that is similar? Tell me about it in the comments below! 


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