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A Review: Sea Thai Orlando

Recently, I had to go to an all morning training for work. On the way to my office, I really wanted to pick up lunch and I ended up stopping at Sea Thai.

Even though the windows of the exterior are covered with reviews and awards, I never had someone tell me personally, “You gotta eat here!”. With time ticking away, I rushed in to see what I can get to go.

The lighting was very dim, and there was plenty of seating. I think I recall a private dining area, too. I really liked their bar stools.

Sea Thai Restaurant Sea Thai Restaurant

Right now, I can’t even remember if it was a woman or man who took my order but I do remember their being polite. Within 10 minutes I was out with my order and on my way to work.

I went with a couple appetizers as a makeshift lunch:

Fried tofu from Sea Thai Restaurant

Fried tofu from Sea Thai Restaurant

I ate half of these for lunch and then later in the day I finished them as a snack. They even tasted great cold!

Coconut shrimp from Sea Thai Restaurant

Coconut shrimp from Sea Thai Restaurant

  • Fried Tofu – Golden battered fried tofu, served with crushed peanuts in a sweet chili dipping sauce 
  • Coconut ShrimpShrimp battered and hand-dipped in coconut flakes, then fried to a golden brown, served with a sweet chili dipping sauce

It was all very good and I would definitely recommend this restaurant to others. And so now I’m just upset that no one ever did tell me to eat here because having just appetizers has me craving more of their menu. I haven’t made my way there yet, but I will and give a more proper review whenever that happens.

Additionally, when I do go back I’ll be requesting their chili sauce in a container to go so I can use it on other goodies (I think it’d pair well with kale or spinach).

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Sea Thai’s website is (doesn’t it seem like a play on words?)

Will you be visiting Sea Thai Restaurant in Orlando? 

So what do you think?