my March Madness

March is a very eventful month for me. Both my parents (18th, 21st) and my grandmother (24th) have March birthdays. And now, I also have my daughter’s birthday to celebrate (on the 19th).

My daughter’s birthday celebration will be on Saturday and so I have not made her cake yet, but will post it likely in the next week.

Tonight, I worked on a special cake for my mom. In the past I shared a strawberry filled cake I made (which was so good). This time, I opted to make a Chocolate cake with coconut and cream cheese frosting.

Once the cake cools, I used a cake leveler to slice the cake in two
This is what the bottom half looked like before I frosted it.
I sprinkled coconut after I frosted this first layer of cake.
Then I placed the top layer onto the first.

Then the fun part…

My mom loves butterflies so I made something a little special 🙂

I can’t wait for her to see tomorrow!!

Shhh… she hasn’t seen it yet 😉 

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