For the seafood lovers

grey For the seafood lovers

About a month ago, we went for a spontaneous drive to the Cape and had lunch at a fun spot on the water.grey For the seafood lovers

Grills Seafood Deck & Tiki Bar is about a 10 minute ride from the Cocoa Beach pier. This was my first time though Ruben had already been a few times with biker buddies in the past. The atmosphere is really relaxed and the servers are all very friendly.

We opted to sit outside (though I later regretted this because it was too breezy) and it was nice.

grey For the seafood lovers
Panoramic view of patio area over the water

IMPORTANT! If you are considering clicking for a closer look at these photos (be careful not to drool on your keyboard!)

grey For the seafood lovers
1/2 lb. Snow Crab Clusters (described as ‘succulent’
on their menu, and rightfully so!)

These snow crab legs were very fresh tasting – no complaints whatsoever.

grey For the seafood lovers
Tahiti taters, steamed island veggies, and cheese bread
(sides that come with crab legs)

These potatoes were so good and the carrots are so very sweet (I couldn’t eat it all, but wanted too). The cheese bread, admittedly very greasy (and probably a frozen, pre-made item) was not the best, but still went well with the meal.

grey For the seafood lovers
Hurricane Burger with Cheese ($9.49)

I thoroughly enjoyed the food at Grills and will likely visit again (and hopefully soon).

grey For the seafood lovers

The total damage was less than $35 – and for the portions and truly fresh taste of that crab I

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grey For the seafood lovers

What’s your favorite seafood spot in Central Florida.
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