Spontaneous Adventures

I’m back to chewing again and it comes complete with an adventure to St. Petersburg.
The weather in Florida was really nice today and my husband felt a spontaneous to go ride a jet ski. For several years he and his friends have always gone to one place for the best deal – Woody’s Watersports. The drive is a little over an hour, but it’s scenic and enjoyable since I get to ride shotgun instead of driving.

We had a blast on the wave runners (as usual). Afterwards, I had so much salt on my skin it was hard to get my jeans back on.

I’m still fasting bread, meat, and desserts. What we had here were french fries, which were quite good. We have had more of a meal here in the past and it was good. This seems to be a hangout for local teenagers (warning). I haven’t seen it get full of them, but I have always noticed there are a couple teenagers on a date there whenever we go. This makes a whole lot of sense though – they are fairly priced fast food and sell ice cream. Another note is the food could be a little greasy – if you have a question on how the food will be prepared just ask them because they are very friendly and are willing to listen to what you want – great customer service is key and they’ve got that.

A few videos just for fun…

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As soon as Urbanspoon adds JJ’s as a listing I will provide that link here.
Update: They’ve added the restaurant to Urbanspoon:

J J's Italian Ice & Ice Cream on Urbanspoon

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