Getting down and dirty


I remember being about five or six and playing outside in our yard. We lived in a white townhouse that had a grass run dividing two driveways. I can remember
sitting on the ground and sorting through the dirt to find bugs, rocks, flowers – an endless amount of entertainment.

Sometimes when I tell my daughter to “not get her clothes dirty” this comes to mind and I HAVE TO bend the rules for conscience sake. How could I enforce cleanliness in the middle of fun?

I spent some time gardening on New Year’s Day and planted some peas and lettuce. I can already see them coming up. So exciting!
Peas Jan 1, 2013
Peas and lettuce Jan 1, 2013
Peas Jan 9, 2013 (8 days)
Peas and lettuce Jan 9, 2013 (8 days)
Tomatoes Jan 9, 2013
The tomatoes were planted about a month ago and today, I saw the fruits of our labor and got so excited. I can’t wait to have these on a salad in a couple/few weeks.
I love getting my hands dirty, but I have to place a special thank you to my husband, who waters our plants every day and I am so thankful for that 🙂
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Seeds I used are from Burpee (purchased at the Home Depot)
I use a Topsy Turvy planter for my tomatoes
Later gators!
Zulaika H.


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