Fast Day 3

This really gets easier with time. I almost feel like I can go on like this forever. Because I am juicing and know what goes into my “food” it feels so right. The other unbelievable thing I am experiencing is
how fully energetic I feel in the morning. I needed to get up early to run an errand this morning and I felt awake before my alarm went off.

To contrast all of this, I am also starting to feel as if I should be doing more. Shouldn’t my fast be difficult? Shouldn’t I struggle and feel worse? So that brings the question – does sacrifice automatically imply discomfort? Does God want me to suffer?

I’m learning that it is quite the opposite. This isn’t about enduring hunger or pain at all. This is about bringing up my soul into a cleansed state. Where I can better connect with God and bring forth all the joys in life He intended me to have.

I went into the break room of my job today to find something I am seeing everywhere… TEMPTATION.
Isn’t it weird how that happens? 

For instance:

  • If you’re waiting for someone to meet you and they will be in a red Camry – for the duration of your wait all you see are red cars!
  • Or if you just want to quickly (because you should already be driving to work) return some pants that didn’t fit properly at the store, the line is all of a sudden full of people this early in the morning.
  • Or if like me, you are sacrificing food for a week and your birthday goes without cake (on the day). You get random emails from restaurants (who have never emailed you promotions before) about special deals on your favorite Chinese dish. Or you go to get a bottle of water in the break room and find that someone is giving away a bunch of candy!

But that is just the way things are sometimes.

Do not confuse my rant for anger – I really find this quite amusing. I am laughing as I type this because I know I’ve already won.

For lunch I had soup, Sun Ripened Orange Tomato Soup (I am getting a bit tired of tomato soup).

In other news, Jazlynn started her dance class today. She really enjoyed that and we already cannot wait until the next session.

I’ll leave you guys with a song I really love.

Have a great night,
Zulaika H.

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