Buffalo Wild Wings has a cool vibe. The location we went to is huge and features more than a dozen television screens all showing different sports and news channels. This was a fun place to
have lunch and all the staff was friendly and we will definitely go again.

As soon as you enter, you follow a path towards the register and place your order. After you do you are free to choose where you want to sit and someone comes to take your drink order. When it’s all ready, they bring it to you.

Here’s an indoor view of the location we went to
All of the booths and chairs have their logo carved into them

I ordered my wings with the sauce (they have 20 sauce/seasoning options by the way!) on the side (controlling your sauce instead of ordering them drenched is always my preferred option). I also got carrot sticks on the side with ranch – Yum!

Looking forward to our next visit – these wings were good. I can make better tasting ones at home, but their sauce selection is great and I enjoyed our lunch here.

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