I’ve been feeling a little health conscious these days. Planning meals (lunches especially) has become a bit of a hobby. Here’s what a sample lunch looks like for me these days. The nutritional information is below in case anyone was wondering – not sure how healthy it really is. But it’s good 🙂

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The nutritional information was gathered by using Sparkpeople.com – a weight loss/healthy social networking website I’ve been part of since 2007.

Want to know how many calories you ate today? Use this quick search!

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I encourage you to logon and find me ZULAIKAH – the site is really easy to use and has SO MANY resources as well as trackers to help you learn what to do and what not to do. The most important feature of Sparkpeople to me is the social feature in which you find so many people who are motivating and friendly – wanting only your support in return.

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