Steak, white rice, pink beans, fried breaded shrimp.

Tonight, Ruben grilled us some ribeyes and tried a different spices. He likes to try new things when it’s just us and then use his latest (good) concoctions with our friends when they’re over for dinner. I was also in the mood for some seafood so I fried some shrimp for myself (my husband doesn’t like seafood and my daughter is spending the night with my mother tonight).

The steaks turned out to be a little spicy. The lemon and lime juice Ruben constantly squeezed while they were on the grill not only balanced the spice, but got them to stay juicy, too. To accompany the steaks, I made white rice (medium grain) and beans… I cook rice a lot, don’t I? But I love it!

And I am Puerto Rican, after all.

Have a great night!
Zulaika H.

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